Weekly report 11/23/09

Water temps are falling into place for prime fall surf fishing, varying from mid-50s north to mid-60s south, but the weather has remained unsettled and windy, with tides still running well above normal, making some fishing difficult.  The big news continues to be stripers from the Outer Banks.  Nothing epic by any means, but a solid early showing of ocean fish, with reports from both inlets and along the north beaches.  Of course, Oregon Inlet is the epicenter.  The question is whether this is a minor aberration or the beginning of a real winter run, much like we started getting used to in the early 2000s.  With the weather patterns holding with cold north winds, it seems likely that the run will progress for the foreseeable future.  I may be almost as excited to hear that the sound bite remains good – and the sizes have been impressive.  I’ve heard of some 10+ pound stripers around some of the bridges over the sounds – those are real nice fish in the back and a total blast on the trout gear most of us use in those areas.  The trout bite has been tough, but that is mainly due to unfavorable conditions.  With calm weather and normal surf conditions, the bite will pick up.  No question, though, that there are a lot of small fish around.  I think this reflects that there are a lot of small fish (a good thing) rather than a lack of big fish.  I think the big fish are there – try fishing after dark.  Pups continue to bite well as do sea mullet.  Black drum news seems to have slacked, but we might see another surge – they can definitely withstand colder fall waters. I should mention good catches of gray trout mostly coming from the Cape Lookout rock jetty – this is a pretty dependable fall fishery – grays mixed with specks mid-fall at the jetty.  The albacore bite continues around Cape Lookout and Beaufort Inlet; I’ve not heard of any others close to the beach in the past few weeks, but that is always a fall/winter possibility.


~ by surffisher on November 24, 2009.

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