My turn!

OK, I’ve got about a week at the Outer Banks coming up starting today (Saturday).  This trip is a little different though in that rather than the traditional weekly vacation rental, I found a long-term rental for the next two months.  Now, granted that Dec-Jan isn’t as prime as Oct-Nov, but this is just how it worked out…and even in the worst of years, there is some good fishing late in the season.  In fact, in several previous years, all hell has broken loose in the the week between Christmas and New Years.  This years’ season has really taken a hit with the nor’easter – the water still hasn’t settled and the winds continue to batter, but it will turn around at some point.  I’ve been trying to do some early strategizing, but am having difficulty getting my head around the forecast – while the surf looks to be very fishable, I fear it will also be muddy with moderate westerly winds forecast. Bottom line is that I’ll definitely be starting with a lot of scouting, especially with the fishing reports of late being rather sparse and discouraging.  I have a handful of spots between Buxton and Oregon Inlet (and beyond) to poke around and plan to hit a beach for the falling tide tonight.  If I can get my ass in gear soon, I should have a few minutes of light, during which to scope out a few places on the drive to Avon.  Pending internet availability, I’ll try to keep the blog updated during the week.

Early December is a good time for these - 10 years ago this week

...and even larger versions (two years ago)

...and don't forget the trouts...


~ by surffisher on November 28, 2009.

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