Don’t love that dirty water

Greetings from Avon, NC! 

So far (since Saturday evening), I’ve landed only one fish – but it was a nice 24″ puppy drum – and that’s more than most people can report.  The tides are finally back to normal after Nor’Ida and on a variety of westerly winds, the surf has been calm for the most part. Unfortunately, the second part of the “calm ‘n clear” equation hasn’t yet returned.  The north beaches (everything from Kitty Hawk to Cape Point) are almost uniformly muddy.  I did find some rougher, but clearer water down in Hatteras today.  The aforementioned pup came off a nice point in relatively muddy water on a Gulp swimming mullet.  It seems the muddy water is part of a trade-off where Nor’Ida has helped produce some fantastic beach structure.  Lots of prominent points, deep holes and cuts in the bar.  If the water would clear up a bit, the fishing could be a lot of fun.  However, the forecast calls for mostly strong west-leaning winds for the week, so we will have to work with it.

Besides scattered pups and a zillion sharks and skates for the bait fishers, there are reports of stripers, mostly around Oregon Inlet.  My one attempt with a beautiful, frisky live eel went unrewarded.  I may try again tonight.

I had some short hits down at Hatteras today, which I’d bet were small trout.  Before catching that pup, I missed a few hits that I’m fairly certain were more pups.  There were plenty of birds working on the other side of the bar toward the tip of Cape Point (the surf zone of which was VERY muddy) yesterday – small blues probably.  So, there is hope.


~ by surffisher on November 30, 2009.

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