Blast from the past…1/2/04

This was one of the true greats…back a mere five years ago in the midst of several successive years where the Christmas – New Years week was off the charts.  I started the long weekend by catching a modest 13 pound striper near Oregon Inlet on the way into town new year’s evening.  January 2nd, however, was the bomb.

January 2, 2004.  Outer Banks, NC. A glorious day all around.  Weather and fishing.  Light SW wind, warm, sunny to partly cloudy.  Great water everywhere.   A fishy day!

Ramp 55 to Hatteras Inlet. Started fishing for speckled trout at a great hole right at the base of Ramp 55.  Right after first light.  After about a cast or two, started seeing “backs” coming out of the water and knew the albacore were in.  Got an 8-9 pounder out of that hole while they were blasting, then spent the rest of the morning gunning for fish up and down the beach, taking one from the other nice trout hole about halfway to the inlet and then a couple others south toward the inlet.  They were pretty finicky, but when they were really raging you had a decent chance of hooking up.  I landed 4 from 5 to 10 pounds.  The first was on a 2-3 ounce kastmaster.  Two were on a small white stingsilver imitation with feathered single hook and one was on an epoxy glass minnow fly dropper.  The fish were on very tiny baitfish that were all up against the beach.  They looked like glass minnow fry or something.  Never seen the albacore so close to the beach before.  At times, they would actually charge in with a breaking wave and almost beach themselves.  Quit around noon and went back to the room for a nap (bad move as stripers were blitzing Pea Island).

After that great morning, I managed to get some action on the tail end of a big striper blitz along the north beaches of Hatteras Island.  I ended up dropping 3 or 4 big fish on black plugs after dark near Oregon Inlet.  Nevertheless, a very memorable winter’s day and still the best I’ve ever had for albacore in the surf.  So much late season action is dictated by the weather and the persistent, strong and cold westerly winds that have absolutely dominated this fall have done nothing to sustain the fishing.


~ by surffisher on January 3, 2010.

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