Told ya!

In Monday’s report, I said that I thought pups would be a good bet on the southeast facing Hatteras Island beaches (south beach through Ramp 55 to the Inlet) when the weather moderated and I’m happy to say “told ya so” today.  Yesterday (Wed.) was apparently a stellar day for pups along that section of beach.  And, lo and behold, there were nice trout mixed in!  One of the best reports in a while.   Hopefully those fish will stick around the surf zone as I am planning a trip next week which looks to be seasonably warm.

Onto the trout kill in the creeks, opinions vary as to the severity of this particular event.  The next few days should be particularly telling, as snow or other frozen precipitation (as forecast for tonight) can wreak additional havoc on the water temperatures, as can the melting of ice that’s formed on the surface.  We’ll have a better read next week.


~ by surffisher on January 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Told ya!”

  1. i’m reporting on the trout situation and watching it carefully. let me know if you hear anything.
    🙂 jeffrey

  2. Hey Jeff –

    I’ve been reading your reports on the trout stun/kill, but haven’t seen or read any more than you have. I think it may take a week or two to know how bad it is/was since the fish could well be on the bottom and only start to float once they begin decomposing.

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