Weekly report – 1/11/10

Water temps are very low for early January, but the worst of the cold spell should be over and it looks like we are in for a nice, seasonable warm-up over the next couple weeks.  Coastal temps are varying from about 40 north to the low-mid 50s along the south facing Outer Banks beaches, to the mid-upper 40s in southeastern NC, but they should start creeping up soon.  The onslaught of frigid weather over the past week and a half has triggered some of the best surf fishing of the season, with big schools of puppy drum feeding in the surf zone in several locations along the Carolina coast.  Some of the nicest surf trout of the season have been mixed in, but its been harder to get them to hit in the borderline water temperatures and a number have been snagged rather than hooked in the mouth.

Cold fronts are a big driver of our fall surf fishing season, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cold spell having such a dramatic effect this late in the season.  Its quite ironic that the prime months of November and December were so slow and some of the best fishing is coming in mid-January with water temperatures along many beaches too cold for a bite.  The thought is that the dangerously cold inshore water pushed a big slug of fish out of the sounds and along the surf.  With a nice bunch of fish along the beaches, a warming trend and some much more serene surf conditions than we’ve seen most of the fall, the next days and weeks should be very interesting.  I’m heading to Avon tomorrow and should have some first-hand reports through the rest of the week.

~ by surffisher on January 12, 2010.

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