I see red!

I’m in Avon and puppy drum are everywhere.  From this hole…

North Beach

…to this hole:

South Beach

Fishing, so far, has been outstanding with lots and lots of puppy drum with a few speckled trout mixed in.  The trout are there (the nets tell us so), but they are just not as aggressive as the pups in the borderline water temperatures.  Since last night, I’ve landed 16 pups and one trout and pulled off countless numbers of fish.  The pups are mid-over slot fish in the 22-32″ range.  Great fun on trout gear.  My trout was 19″, but I saw some heftier and some smaller fish in a net today.

The conditions are finally perfect for exploring the many beautiful holes these winter storms have produced.  Time to rest up for a day of my favorite kind of fishing.

Tues. evening with frostbit fingers

Wednesday's first pup

~ by surffisher on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “I see red!”

  1. Nice going 1 You picked the right time for a trip back down.

  2. Those sure are sum purty fish 😉 Hope you get to get something for a sashimi dinner tommorrow night.

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