Weekly Report – September 17, 2010

Fall surf fishing is steadily improving but continued warm weather has kept it from really taking off.  As of this writing, a triumverate of tropical systems is beginning to generate a sizable swell along the mid-Atlantic coast.  The Outer Banks featured a growing surf and muddy water today – it should only get worse as the weekend progresses, as the peak of the swell is forecast to hit Sunday and Monday.

The big surf fishing news (to my ears anyway) was a surprising early fall showing of speckled trout along the beaches north of Oregon Inlet.  There were lots of undersized fish, but also some nicer ones up to about 3 pounds.  Each of the three open piers reported specks, and there were some reports from the beaches too, including Coquina in South Nags Head.  Puppy drum were also scattered along all the beaches, especially when the surf was kicked up a bit.  There were also a few good bites of fall spot on the same piers north of Oregon Inlet – another good sign that fall is approaching.  Overall though, bluefish continue to dominate the surf scene, along with an early fall mix of bottom fish and Spanish early and late.

Most reports indicate that there are a lot of baitfish along the beaches, but that the mullet run is happening in dribs and drabs rather than an onslaught that often follows a hard NE blow this time of year.  I don’t see much in the forecast suggesting that a hard cold front is imminent, but winds and rough surf brought on by the glancing tropical systems may well help kick the fall surf season into gear.


~ by surffisher on September 17, 2010.

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