Weekly Report – November 13, 2010

Its been a tough week along the northern NC beaches, with gale force northerly winds, high surf, and heavy ocean overwash the past couple days.  The southeastern beaches have been much more fishable.  Water temperatures have continued to plummet – now in the mid-50s north at Duck to mid-60s south.  There’s still lots of warm water (thermal mass) nearshore, just off the beach, so I expect the water temps to recover some once the strong northerly winds lay out for a bit.

When the weather permitted, fishing was good this past week.  The Outer Banks were a really tough go, but there was some good trout and puppy drum action along the South Beach of Hatteras Island earlier in the week.  Still lots of small specks, but enough nice fish to keep things interesting.  Red and black drum and blues were scattered in the rough water of the Outer Banks for most of the week.

South of the Outer Banks, the highlights were big sea mullet and good speckled trout action.  I managed to slip away down to Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach on Tuesday afternoon, fishing through the evening.  Earlier in the day, lots of big sea mullet were caught in Surf City; however, my focus was on trout.  I found lots of bait fish in the Topsail surf – cob mullet, finger mullet, and menhaden – and small schools of game fish pursuing them, especially at dusk and dawn.  I managed to scrape out three nice trout between 18-20 inches, one at dusk, one during the night, and one at dawn.  I also released a small blue, a small pup, and a small flounder, and kept a 15″ flounder.

This coming week is looking promising – the winds are dropping out as I type, although it will take some time for the Outer Banks surf to settle.  The forecast shows light-to-moderate winds for the foreseeable future.  Look for the fishing to get interesting.

Pretty afternoon on Topsail Island

Trout are about


~ by surffisher on November 13, 2010.

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