Pickin’ up

Spring temps are finally starting to kick in…low-mid-50s along the southern coast; still buried deep in the low 40s up Oregon Inlet way, north. Puppy drum have hit all winter and I hope they stick around the surf zone all spring.  The best action has been along the Outer Banks, especially consistent from Cape Hatteras south, but there have been some caught in colder water along the north beaches, as well as to the south, Bogue Banks, Topsail, etc.

Now, we have just started to see some blowtoads and sea mullet showing far south, along with a bluefish or two reported from Ocracoke…a sure sign that spring is nigh!

Another sure sign is that the shad run is really kicking into gear.  Some of the rivers have been a bit high and/or turbid for good fishing, but there have been some excellent reports from the Neuse and its tributaries, as well as the Roanoke.  Sounds like white bass are running the rivers upstream from the major Piedmont lakes as well.

After more cold weather this week, spring should start to settle in and the fishing should just keep getting better.

As for me, I’ve been sidelined after shoulder surgery in mid-January, so didn’t a chance to take advantage of the excellent puppy drum fishing.  I think my last fish was a nice 4# speckled trout on my birthday, December 1st. I’ve put in some effort lately, though, with a great weekend (though no fish) at our friends’ place in McClellanville, SC. We’ve caught some nice flounder out of their “pond” (an impoundment off the intracoastal waterway) in years past, but low water levels resulted in a fish kill a few years ago and the fishing has yet to recover.  Also made a few casts on our pond yesterday, but had no takers on a swimming plug.  Did see a nice 3# bass floating, but the water is high and still probably a bit chilly for a good bite.

I really want to get out for shad or white bass (which is potentially a closer trip for me) in the next week or two, and will be sure to update the blog accordingly.

In the meantime, some of my favorite pix from South Carolina.


~ by surffisher on March 23, 2014.

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