Just because I’ve been so slack…

I’ll repost my recent Cape Lookout fishing report from the Drumwagon website.


I was on island Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning of last weekend. I was solo as my buddies all eventually bailed on me! All my fishing was south end, with my basecamp near the lighthouse.

Thursday afternoon was beautiful and warm. Fishing was slow. Started around the point with artificials hoping to entice one of those nice flounder I’d heard were moving out of the inlet (I did see some fileted carcasses and can attest that some 20″+ fish had been caught), but I had nothing. Went back to my camp near the ped/ORV barrier just south of the lighthouse and fished cut bait during the early evening hours. Nothing on cut mullet and just a couple small sea mullet on shrimp/fishbites bloodworm sandwiches.

Cold front blew through with some fury Friday morning and I hunkered down in the tent, until the walls started caving in and dripping! Fortunately, the rain was brief. After I got my act together, I drove toward the point and, not unexpectedly, found small blues working the north beach under working birds — pretty common in a hard northerly wind here. The fish were on the small side, the water was big and there was nothing mixed in with them (sometimes drum will be feeding under the small blitzing blues). But it was pretty fun combat fishing, even if the most of the blues were overmatched by the medium action setup I needed to reach them. Used glass minnow style metal. Also hit the jetty and had a couple nice (but quick) shots at albacore in close, but didn’t get any takers. No flounder either. Some guys were catching what appeared to be pinfish on bait, which tells you how warm the water still was.

Saturday was still quite breezy till about nightfall, but otherwise a very nice fall day. Morning and early afternoon fished one of the very nice holes north of the lighthouse (around mm 39). Got a couple decent sea mullet on shrimp/fishbites and a short black drum, but it was pretty slow. The blues were missing from the north beach, and even bait fishing was generally unproductive, but I got lucky with a 42″x23″ drum from a deep slough near the first ped/ORV barrier north of the point right about sunset. I got it on fresh menhaden cast netted from the south side of the point a couple hours earlier. Evening fishing was really disappointing given otherwise nice conditions. I bait fished the point for several hours after dark with no real takes although I kept losing bait. Also plugged around the jetty – nice conditions but no action.

Was on the 8 am ferry Sunday morning – another beautiful day.


~ by surffisher on November 10, 2016.

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