Sick and Tired

Sadly, that is my fate today, a beautiful day on Hatteras Island for our annual Thanksgiving family excursion to the beach.  I got out this morning before the stomach bug (and accompanying fever) caught up with me, but missed the better part of a lovely fall surf fishing day.  To add insult to injury, I hear some nice trout were hitting north of Oregon Inlet — there’s a good chance I would have been at least trying up there if I hadn’t been bedridden, as the calming waters following a hard cold front is just the prescription for fall trout in the surf.  Still contemplating a falling tide run, although the 9 pm low is rapidly approaching.  Tomorrow morning might be a smarter choice for both fishing and health reasons.

I have gotten two reasonably full days of fishing in (reasonably is a relative word when you have a young family).  So, for having two young kids, I’ve been able to get some time in and fortunately that has mostly translated into success.  There are black drum (mostly keepers) everywhere.  I’ve been hitting a nice hole that’s produced for me on the higher tide stages and before the plentiful skate take over. I really enjoy catching black drum – great fighters and great eating.

Drum have been running at Cape Point, especially in the hard NW wind (which I generally don’t like, but I may need to rethink things here…) Monday and Tuesday.  A Point sycophant I am not…in fact, I am probably the opposite of a Point sycophant and generally avoid the place because of the large crowds.  The times I do hit it are usually when almost no one else will be there.  Monday/Tuesday that meant midnight to about 2 am and I was rewarded with two yearling drum in the mid-upper 30″ range.  Surely could have caught more, but it was 2 am.  Against my normally better judgement, I fished the Point again Tuesday around sunset and the crowd was even worse than I could have imagined!  The “errant” headlamp lights were unreal…these must be the same folks that don’t bother to turn off their highbeams when driving toward you.  Anyway, the fish were there, but I didn’t get one. Tons of bait in the water at the Point and it has generally been alive with action lately, so yes, I’ll probably be heading back, but more likely will throw lures for blues and such or hit it late night again.

Hoping for a quick recovery here and will try to post again from this week, assuming I have any downtime (usually a bad sign!).  If not, next week I hope.


~ by surffisher on November 23, 2016.

One Response to “Sick and Tired”

  1. know what you mean… I fished surf city beaches around thanksgiving time for about two hours (seriously!)then had to spend family time wishing I was back on the water. Have a happy holiday though, there will be more times to fish ahead,

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