It’s Spring!

Exhibit A:


Look at that jump in water temperature at Duck on the switch to a NE wind.  Somewhat paradoxical that a “cold front” wind would jump the water temperature, but that’s what happens when onshore winds blow warmer surface water into the surf zone.  The fishing rose precipitously with the increase in water temperature as well.  Lots of puppy drum and trout with some big bluefish on the northern Outer Banks.  Avalon Pier in KDH reported some big trout after dark last night.  Further south, it is mostly the same, just more consistent.  Big drum have been hitting the Point and areas south for a couple weeks, and big bluefish are everywhere along the coast in good numbers (the first big blues showed in early March given the warm late winter), along with the standard spring fare of blowtoads, sea mullet, black drum, and even some (very) early big pompano.  There have also been lots of small stripers mixed with the pups and trout in the surf zone north of Oregon Inlet, along with a small handful of big stripers.  The coastal fishing is hot in other words.

The rivers are generally fishing well also, when the flow and clarity is reasonable. The usual for this time of year.  Hickory shad are just about done, but American shad are in full swing, and stripers are on the move.  With the very warm weather we are having, the up-river migration and spawn will be peaking shortly. Lots of white bass on the Piedmont rivers, although the big females may already be gone.

I’ve gotten a few river trips in, along with a nice February weekend at the coast, that although pretty, didn’t produce anything.  A mix of pics below. Will be fishing next week, somewhere.

Water temps, for the record: Norther OBX: low 50s (on SW winds) to mid-upper 50s (on NE). South, the range is more like low 60s to upper 60s.



~ by surffisher on April 15, 2017.

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