Getting better

That’s right, the coastal fishing continues to improve as water clarity gets back to normal following the hurricanes, and water temperatures fall following some real autumn cold fronts.

Water temperatures have dropped significantly in the past week or two.  They are still relatively warm, but not freakishly so.  Mid-upper 60s north of Oregon Inlet down to the low 70s south.

Last report two weeks ago, I remarked at how odd it was that Spanish mackerel were still hitting north of Oregon Inlet.  Well, they are still hitting north of Oregon Inlet (and south for that matter).  Freakish.  I’ve got to think this most recent cold front will spell the last of the Spanish from the northern piers at least.  But, who knows???

Last week’s cold front got some nicer speckled trout to start hitting in the surf north of Oregon Inlet.  Unfortunately, the previous cold front didn’t quite do the trick, because I fished some good structure pretty hard last weekend without any nice specks (or shorts for that matter). Nevertheless, the fishing wasn’t bad. I caught two slot and one overslot drum (the overslot was on metal no less), and a handful of blues on metal at Cape Point.  A couple short flounder rounded out my weekend.

Fishing continues to be good, with most surf reports coming from the Crystal Coast north, and the main fish being blues and drum, with plenty of bottom fish also – sea mullet, lots of pompano (some nice sized), and a few black drum.  There have been good reports of flounder from the Carolina Beach area.  Spanish have continued to bite well, mainly off the piers, with some false albacore mixed in.  The king bite has been pretty good further south. Overall, the fishing is good and getting better.

Reports from the northeast are not bad either, with central Jersey reporting one of their best and most consistent falls in a few years.  Lots of blues, false albacore and school stripers with more and more keeper bass coming daily.  Tons of bait in the water.


~ by surffisher on October 27, 2018.

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