About this blog

This is a blog about surf, shore and kayak fishing the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Cape Cod, Massachusetts with the most focus on the coast of my great home state of North Carolina.

We’ll explore drum, trout and Spanish mackerel fishing from the beaches of the Southeast, the tiderunner weakfish and doormat fluke of the Mid-Atlantic’s inlets and back bays, and the jumbo bluefish and stripers of the Northeast shores and New England’s rocky coastline.

When he is not stalking specks and stripers or drinking craft beer (or more likely, both simultaneously), Vic D’Amato is a water quality engineer who studies and designs decentralized and distributed water management systems focused on the sustainable recovery and reuse of clean water, nutrients and energy.

The author and two of his fishing partners

The author and two of his fishing partners on the beach on Ocracoke Island


5 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Vic,

    Thanks for your visit to my blog, MikesGoneFishing. You have some great stuff going on here as well and I’ll be sure to keep in touch.

    I have not dome any surf fishing, but the aspect of saltwater fishing that appeals to me the most is fishing the flats, chasing redfish and, maybe someday, bonefish on the fly. I even bought a fly rod for it, but have yet to get it “salty”.

    And I must admit that I have a childhood dream of tarpon…

    When the Haw gets “settled back out” and things cool down a bit, we need to give it a shot together sometime.



  2. Hi Vic, You have a really nice site. I have a website/blog, about fishing in the Topsail Island area of SE North Carolina. I would be interested in a link exchange, if you are interested, email me at johnny@fishintopsail.com I will add your site link to my site http://www.fishintopsail.blogspot.com even without a link on your site. Let me know if I have permission to add my site. Thank you Vic,
    Johnny Horner
    aka Fishin’Topsail

    • Hi Johnny –

      Absolutely – please add a link to my site on yours. I have been linking to your site since I became aware of it (like I do for any site that helps me or others with our surf fishing!). You can find the link on the “NC Fishing Reports” page. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc.

      thanks Johnny!


  3. Nice blog, Really nice reds, specks, and i loved those pair of stripped bass.

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