Interesting Articles

Munchers and crunchers, the winter tautog By Dr. Bogus

Fishing Opportunities in the Coastal Region of North Carolina (NC Wildlife Resources Commission)

Fishing for Striped Bass on the Roanoke River (NC Wildlife Resources Commission)

Snow’s Cut, Carolina Beach, NC

Fishing around Swansboro and Emerald Island, NC (includes some good shore/yak spots)

Winter Striped Bass on the Lower Roanoke

Largemouth Bass in the Triangle Lakes (focus on fishing riprap which should be accessible from shore)

Its White Bass Season in North Carolina

Bowfin Angling in the Durham Impoundments

Brian Horsley article on wade fishing the OBX with a focus on the fly

Is There a Wrong Tide? by Alberto Knie

Southern Rock: Fishing the Striped Bass Spring Migration on the Roanoke River

6 Weakfish Hotspots in the Mid-Atlantic

North Carolina Winter Crappie — 2 Hot Lakes

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