Right Time, Right Place. Right Time, Wrong Place. Wrong Time, Right Place.

That’s pretty much fishing, isn’t it? (except for the ever-popular Wrong Time, Wrong Place!) This past weekend, I hit all three in the title.

Right Time, Right Place: south of a pier north of Oregon Inlet, light SW winds, beautiful evening.  Lots of nice trout along with some blues.  I find it unusually cool that we catch trout north of the piers in the fall and south of the piers in the spring.  Catching them moving south in the fall, and north in the spring.  The fact that this equation works validates our theories and assumptions, when so much about fishing only confounds them!

Right Time, Wrong Place: I fished a GREAT hole north of Cape Point Saturday, while everyone caught fish within spitting distance (but not quite my line of sight) south of the Point.  I should have known better, with the SW wind and all, but I was really enjoying my own private hole and probably a few too many beers.  I did catch a couple small things (blowtoads, sea mullet) and lost a big blue in the suds, but it was sssssllllllooooowwww.

Wrong Time, Right Place: South of the Point, but on a hard NE blow Sunday (boy that thing came in quick and with a fury!).  There were a few big blues caught, but not by me. However, there was a pretty steady bite of (small) sea mullet and toads. And, for the record, I did try fishing into the wind, at my own private hole north of the Point and it was much the same as the day before.

Oh well, Friday night was really good and made my weekend.  So did the speckled trout ceviche last night!

ceviche - 1


~ by surffisher on April 28, 2017.

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